Amazing Funeral Insurance is Hitting the UK!

The cost of funeral is going up at a stunning rate – your family could have a huge bill hoisted on them. Insuring a funeral was a rarity ten years ago, but not the huge costs have led half a million people to capture current prices and and guard themselves against an uncertain future.

Todays funerals cost about £8,126, which encompasses such things as food, flowers, and admin costs that the UK government will not pay. But the prices are only going to continue rising, as reports estimate that by the year 2020, they could have increased by 53%, which is nearly £13,500.*

A strong and sound funeral plan will ensure this does not happen to you, and that your loved ones will not risk a huge financial burden. It makes sure the cost will not shoot upwards in time. Without cash or life insurance coverage, your family has to pay these expense. Thankfully, there is a simple solution.

The Details You Need to Know:

  1. Costs just several pounds a week.It’s cheap for a funeral plan, and definitely worth it to ensure cheaper costs later on
  2. No need for a medical check.Sign-up is easy and just takes a few minutes, and you are virtually guaranteed you won’t need a health screen.
  3. Free choice for you.Pick a funeral director and solicitor to select a plan perfect for you.
  4. Hassle and worry-free.Get rid of the unnecessary stress for you and your loved ones, by covering this process early on.
  5. Lock in the prices against future rise.Take the initiative today, before the costs reach unprecedented new levels.

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